Flexible and user friendly


Synthetic Egg considers WordPress an excellent tool to underpin a modern website, and with over 800 million websites reportedly using WordPress (approximately 43% of all websites), it seems the world agrees.

Why WordPress?

It provides content management functionality that is easy for clients to understand and use, and is flexible to design and develop for. It’s also great at SEO and has many third party plugins which extend it’s capabilities without the cost of needing to build that functionality from scratch.

WordPress is open source web software you can use to create a CMS website or blog. WordPress itself is free software at the basic level, which means none of the software licence costs that you’d get with many CMS systems. It has a strong community of users, is regularly updated and has lots of plug-ins available that offer a wide range of functionality that can be easily added to your site.

Synthetic Egg recommends it as the CMS platform of choice (when appropriate to the project requirements) because of the quality and ease-of-use of the user-interface for the client, and it’s scope for design-ability which allows me to effectively translate your brand online.

Professional WordPress CMS Website

WordPress services offered:

Complete WordPress CMS website design and build

Looking for a new website and want a site that epitomises your brand, looks great and does exactly what you and your audience need?

Synthetic Egg would review your brief to determine your website objectives and audience, and how it should look in respect to brand. Once project scope agreed, the next step would be to design and develop your website, assist you with content population, any additional functionality and integration with your other platforms.

Options might include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), integration with Email Marketing and CRM systems, integration with Social Media Networks, eCommerce capabilities and much more.

Once the site is live, ad-hoc support would then also be available, to give you piece of mind.

WordPress website refresh and update

Is your existing WordPress website not working or out-of-date? Synthetic Egg are experts in solving WordPress problems and can help you get your website back up-and-running and working perfectly again.

Do you need some functionality adding to your WordPress website that you don’t currently have? Synthetic Egg can help there too.

Looking for someone to manage and maintain an existing WordPress website, to keep it up-to-date and engaging for your audience? Get in touch and Synthetic Egg will review your website and discuss a plan to move forward.

Your Next Step

WordPress is a great tool to help you manage your website, however it is just part of the process of creating a great website. To discuss your project requirements please get in touch today.