Website Development

Making website designs work in real life.


As well as offering full website production, I also offer the elements that make up a website seperately, which at a basic level can be split between frontend website development and backend website development.

What is frontend website development?

Frontend website development (also called client-side website development) describes what the website users sees and interacts with. In practical terms it is the process of converting a website design into coded website templates, using HTML, SCSS/CSS and JavaScript/JQuery as well as utilising frameworks such as Bootstrap and package managers such as Node.js NPM, where these templates act as the visual interface that users see on a website.

These templates can then be used to either create a static website on their own (where all the content is hard coded into the template), or can be integrated with backend website development (server-side website development) to create more functional websites (e.g. Content Managed CMS sites).

Frontend website development services available

  • HTML, SCSS/CSS template files from web design artwork
  • Node.js NPM, Gulp and/or Bootstrap framework websites
  • Complete landing page, microsite or website development, including templates, page creation and population
  • Convert legacy frontend code to responsive mobile friendly code

What is backend website development?

Backend website development (also called server-side website development) focuses on everything you can’t see on a website. Back-end developers ensure the website performs correctly functionally, and is focussed on integrating with data sources (databases and APIs) and the use of back-end logic (the code that determines what actually happens).

Backend website developments services available

  • WordPress theme and template development
  • PHP development and integration
  • Classic ASP development and integration
  • MySQL and MS SQL Server database design and development
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