Website Design & User Interface (UI)

Your website represents your organisation, and you will be judged on its appearence. If the site doesn’t look professional then why should prospects expect you to be professional. If your website isn’t visually engaging, then the audience will lose interest.

Studies have shown that 94% of visitors judge an organisation’s website on visual appearence, with first impressions being drawn in less than 50ms of seeing the page. Good design and UI matters.

Website design

The term ‘website design’ is often (mistakenly) used when referring to the complete website production process. In the past graphic/print designers were often the ones tasked with giving a website it’s visual design. However, the breadth of knowledge needed to design modern websites means that the designer needs to understand so much more than just good design theory. Elements such as technical possibilities/limitations, responsive layouts and fluid design, functional interactions, video and animation all can apply when creating a website design.

If you need an experienced website designer to create a beautiful and functional website for your users then contact me to discuss your website design requirements.

User Interface (UI)

Another part of a good website design is the implementation of a good User Interface. As the name suggests this is the interface through which a user interacts with a piece of technology (e.g. for a desktop computer user this is typically a mouse and keyboard, and for a mobile device user this is likely to be a touchscreen), or a computer program, i.e. your website. Websites usually use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) (e.g. icons, windows, menus, buttons etc) to help the user navigate their way around. Website UI is usually done during wireframes (ideally during the UX stage) and/or as part of website design depending on the project budget.

It is obviously very important that your user is able to engage with your website, find the content they want, and perform the actions you’d like them to perform. Underperforming websites are often the result of poor UI. Contact me to discuss the UI for your website project.

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