5 top tips for B2B marketers using Twitter

The use of Twitter as a B2B marketing tool is still evolving and new ways of using the platform are emerging regularly. For now here are a set of 5 top tips to help you get started with your B2B Twitter channel.

1. Follow industry leaders

You need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on and there’s no better way than by following leaders in your field. Not only will it help you keep up-to-date but also gives you the chance to…

2. Share third-party content that is of interest to your followers

Become the person within your circle of contacts that is the one with their finger on the pulse. B2B marketing is about building trust and one step is by being a source of trustworthy knowledge to your followers. On the flip side…

3. Your B2B followers aren’t interested in what you had for lunch

Unlike your personal tweets B2B marketing is not friendship. Sure you need to build relationships, but these are business ones and the little personal comments that are part and parcel of the twitter sphere are rarely appropriate when addressing a B2B audience (unless of course it’s part of your campaign strategy!).

4. Tweet your latest news and offers with links to trackable landing pages

You need to give B2B followers what they want, and that’s special offers and information that is appropriate to them. Keep them interested with special Twitter deals and make sure that you can track your links through your landing pages. It’s okay to post multiple tweets covering the same information, as long as there’s a sensible time difference (and indeed to help gauge response, different days and time of the day are advised).

5. Get to know your followers behaviour

Analyse how your audience reacts to different tweets, the same tweet reworded and the time of day you tweet, by tracking clicks and re-tweets. Try and work out what engages your audience the most, and when, and work with that.

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