Optimising productivity, and creativity, in your workplace

Whatever work you do, the place you do it in plays an important part in the productivity vs creativity balance. So what elements help you get that balance right?

I’m in the process of reviewing my own office space, and I’m aware of a couple of other agencies also doing the same, so now seems a good opportunity to review how a well-designed interior can really help when trying to get the best out of your team.

Creatives in cubicles?

Being in the creative industry you don’t only need a workplace which assists with productivity, but also one that stimulates the mind and helps get those creative juices flowing. Whilst cubicles or open plan hot-desking can work well in some occupations, creatives usually need their own personalised space to spread out into.

Whilst great layouts can be inspiring, inappropriately designed layouts can be detrimental to not only you mood but also potentially your work (and in extremes your health!).

If you’re using an interior designer then make sure they know what is best for you/your team, and they aren’t just trying to fit the most desks into the space available!

Colour sets the mood

As we know well, colour can make or break a design and whilst you might think branding everything in the corporate colours can look good, it might not be what’s best for those working there.

For instance, a little green helps relax the eyes and makes you calmer at work (thus using plants add some greenery and life to your surroundings). Too much green though will relax workers a little too much an affect productivity.

Good, appropriate use of colour theory and decoration in your workspace can really help ensure you get the most out of your team.

Light fantastic

Another area which can really affect productivity is lighting. Gone are the days of just ensuring people can see what they’re doing, lighting is now an art form of its own.

Bright lights make you more energetic, but too bright and they can be glaring and inspire headaches! Dimmer lights encourage focus on work (computer screens) to hand, but they also make your body generate more melatonin (a sleep hormone) and can lead to drowsiness.

Tailoring the lighting to fit with the purpose of each work area, and ideally each individual, ensures that the team can stay at peak attentiveness for the whole day.

A little ambiance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and if Jack is a designer then that’s not good!
Obviously you want to ensure that you’re getting the best out of yourself / your team, but working non-stop all day every day isn’t the best way to utilise a creative asset.

Good ambiance in a workspace motivates people to work well and can be good for the company image, especially when clients visit. Having some breathing room will make you / your team feel relaxed and importantly will help with focus, which in turn ensures better creativity, which subsequently leads to happier clients! For larger offices ensure there are breakout areas where people can relax, engage with each other and share ideas.

If you run a team then let them have some control within their own work areas, give them the space to put up inspirational material or pictures that make them feel comfortable. This will inspire them and help alleviate stress. It will brighten the day, allow your team be themselves and let them interact with each other.


A workplace should inspire your and your workforce, stimulating minds and souls. A well designed workspace can really help productivity, so getting it right is important.

All companies are different but as a rule, in a creative industry such as ours, getting that balance between productivity and creativity optimised is vital in ensuring we deliver great results to our clients every time.


Synthetic Egg can help decorate and organise inspirational workspaces, for example with wall designs, window films and signage. If you need to give your workspace a personal touch, then please get in touch.



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