Adobe ceases development of Flash for mobiles

Whilst Flash has been an important element on the web for years, it appears the Adobe have now vindicated the late Steve Jobs (from Apple) in realising that it no longer has a future in mobile browsers.

Adobe have ceased development of the Flash plugin for mobiles and instead are focusing on Adobe AIR applicatons for mobiles.

Whilst I’ve never been a fan of excessive Flash use it definitely has had it’s purpose, but now with the move to HTML5 and mobile apps to deliver online content this move does make sense in the long run as far as Adobe are concerned. This comes as especially bad news for Android developers who have cited the lack of Flash in Apple mobile products as one of the main advantages of that platform.

It also signals that the use of Flash for desktop browsing is also on borrowed time so it’ll be exciting to see how smooth the transition is to the newer web standards.

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