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St Barnabas Hospice: Open to the public

St Barnabas Hospice were putting the finishing touches to their brand spanking new hopsice building when they approached Article1o to provide an online booking system to reward their donors with a guided tour of the premises. With multiple thousand people involved and very specific requirements regarding the bookings and the output of tour group data for the guides, a bespoke system made the most sense.

ControlCircle: Events microsite

Client: ControlCircle for Article10 (2010) Details: ControlCircle promoted events and corporate hospitality they were running to their account managers and selected clients and needed a microsite to showcase the upcoming events. I designed and built the core site through Article10, which the client then updated manually through their inhouse team.

ControlCircle: Max2Go

Client: ControlCircle for Article10 (2010) Details: This project was for a microsite for ControlCircle to promote their Max2Go mobile app to control remote hosting server. The site focused on a signup form (with reCaptcha) which sent a text via an SMS gateway to the user to allow them to download the device specific trial version of the app.

CTH: Take the challenge, Pass it on

This is a campaign microsite to support the Chestnut’s Challenge which aims to raise awareness and support for the Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice in Sussex, led by some great kids within or connected to the hospice itself.