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Continuing my trend of Xmas greetings cards: the 2012 edition was festive and communicative wishing my clients a merry christmas and also informing them opening times over the holidays. Plan ahead and get a bespoke design created for your greetings cards (for whatever holiday you want to celebrate!).
It's always good to keep in contact at Christmas and the traditional way is the good old Christmas Card. Over recent years an email Xmas greeting has become recognised as a far more environmentally friendly, and indeed cheaper, way of sending out your yuletide messages. I like to keep clients informed about my plans around the holidays so this years card doubled as an update on opening hours as well as the simple reminder about the services I offer moving into 2012.
On the back of the new event websites I produced for ITF there was a requirement for a pair of event invite email templates. Working within the brand style previously developed I worked with Andrew Whiteman of Open Globe Marketing to design and develop the new email templates, which include layout options and social media links.
Turnkey Concept HTML Email Template
Turnkey Concept offer a range of kitchen and bathroom solutions for both trade and public. They needed a way to communicate all their new products and suppliers to their wide audience and decided on an HTML email template. Synthetic Egg was recommended to them and I provided them with a cost effective solution which could be used both directly from their local Outlook email client as well from any email marketing software, with just a minor change to the small print to ensure the recipients could unsubscribe.
Synthetic Egg Email Template
Email marketing is an important part of my own digital marketing plan, being used to help me keep in touch with those interested in my services, and as a means to communicate discount offers. It was important for me to keep the template look and feel consistent with the rest of my brand collateral (most notably the website), and also for it to be flexible so I could vary the number of articles in each category without the template struggling. As such I opted for a clean and simple approach to keep the focus on the features and offers, with a clear call to action in the footer. Subscribe to my enewsletter to take a look, and let me know what you think.
As part of his marketing plan Tony had been sending out irregular emails containing images his latest work to his client base. He needed to take this to the next step so I set up an online email marketing system which allowed him to better manage this process. He can now send out consistently branded emails (using the email template also developed) containing a mix of text and photography which he can prepare and send via the online system.
Blue Tomato is a growing food magazine for London, with an expanding readership and mailing list. They needed a simpler and more effective way of managing their email marketing. I set up a online email system for them, with a bespoke branded template, so that even non-technical staff could easily send out great looking eshots on demand.
Touchpoint is the appropriate name for communication from Designation, focussed on the monthly e-shot supported by a blog where subscribers can post their feedback. The e-shot is on edition 25 as I write this, meaning it's been going out on time every month for over 2 years, which is a remarkable achievement for a company this size.
Communic8 wanted to run an email marketing campaign for their client. They urgently needed someone to manage the delivery side. I set up the mailing system, added the lists, coded all the emails and scheduled the mailings, with the first email ready to go out the same day we were commissioned. I then managed the system and provided tracking reports after each mailing to give Communic8 the marketing information they needed.
TVCCG were looking to expand and update their email marketing capabilities, as part of a push on their digital marketing. I provided consultancy to help them decide on the best solution for their multiple needs and then implemented (with the ability to integrate into their CRM, website and analytics package), and supported, the chosen solution.