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DAV Management: Leading the way

DAV is an independent project and programme management company. In late 2010 DAV decided the time was right for a new skin for their Eddie CMS website, as well as a new WordPress blog, as part of a rationisation exercise to help communicate their competitive advantages.

Blue Tomato: Serving London’s foodies

Blue Tomato is indeed emerging as the premier restaurant and food magazine for the capital. With inspiring articles, the latest news and key events for the foodie in us all. Built using WordPress 3.0 at the moment of it’s release the site proves how far the ex-blogging platform has come to now be a serious player in the CMS arena.

Sarah Graham: Darling of the art world

Sarah Graham is one of the up-and-coming darlings of the art world. Her paintings are fun and engaging so the website had to follow suit. The homepage is clean and simple with lots of interaction (using the MooTools framework) with colourful thumbnails showing off her work. The site is content managed (CMS) so Sarah can keep her fans up-to-date with all her latest news.

Kyocera Greenlight: Promoting environmentally responsible business

As part of Kyocera’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission GreenLight is a hub for information and interaction on the topic of business and climate change. If you’ve got an opinion, an insight, or need inspiration then it’s the place to go.

Oddies: Odd socks of the world unite!

The Oddies are a series of childrens books (and hopefully soon a TV series) from the author Grant Slatter. Using the great character illustrations produced by the Oddies team we produced a number of Flash and CMS driven websites covering both Oddieworld itself as well as the ReadWithMe week campaign that was rolled out over the following years. I was involved in the production of all the website as well as interactive CD’s that supported the ReadWithMe campaign.

Reading Green Business Network

Designation worked with Kyocera to support Reading Borough Council in setting up a website to support the activities of the Reading Green Business Network. I worked with the Kyocera marketing team (who manage/host the site) on the brand and the theme for the Drupal CMS that runs the site.

Norwegian Log: Building with nature’s best

The Norwegian Log website showcases the log buildings of various kinds they offer with lots of supporting material and case studies. The site is a CMS with is managed for the client as they are far too busy looking after the dozens of filtered prospects that contact them through the site every month (each one potentially a six figure sale).

Chestnut Tree House Hospice: Chestnut’s Challenge

Designation had been working with St Barnabas and Chestnut Tree House Hospices for a number of years running their main websites. The team at Chestnut Tree House came up with a new campaign idea to help raise much needed funds with the help of children either in or connected to the hospice. These Challengers have set themselves the task of promoting the work of the hospice and they are an example to us all.

Performance Unlimited: High performance enabled

Now onto my 6th marketing contact at Performance Unlimited (a company that is continually evolving) I’ve been involved in a number of programmes and projects with them over the years. At the peak I managed a programme of over 10 projects covering both online and offline delivery of the brand we’d just created for them. These included a new CMS website, domain name strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and newsletter.

Bronzeoak: Fuelling the future?

Bronzeoak deliver energy from sustainable sources so as bio-ethanol. I acted as a brand consultant and programme manager for their corporate re-brand and subsequent collateral updates. These included a new content managed website, where I managed external suppliers for site development.

Cubeez: They cubee-doobee-did-it

Cubeez is a kids TV show still seen occasionally in the UK (it used to be on GMTV) and elsewhere worldwide. When the first series launched in 2001 the production team wanted a state-of-the-art interactive website to support the show and continue the excitement of the characters into the online world. I worked as project manager, overseeing an 8 person team on this £130K project.

Financial Deepening: Combating poverty

Client: Coffey / DFID for Designation (2006-2009) Details: Financial Deepening was a project co-funded by DFID and run by Coffey which helped provide access to affordable financial services (e.g. banking services and small business loans) for remote residents in third world countries. This helped small businesses to set up and give employment and some financial security to many people who otherwise would be…