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Synthetic Egg offers a selection of services based on a wide ranging toolset of skills which have been developed over decades in the creative industry.

Synthetic Egg has worked with organisations of all sizes, including: start ups, one-man bands, SME’s, large corporates and multi-national organisations. So whoever you are Synthetic Egg might be able to offer a service that’ll help your business…

Brand & Branding

Consultancy, Creation and Delivery

Looking at the big picture, ensuring coherent application and engaging with your audience in a way that they’ll love. Brand is the basis of any great project.

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Digital Marketing

Strategy, Consultancy and Delivery

Digital Marketing (or e-Marketing) covers all online marketing activiy, e.g. websites, email, social media and search engines, Synthetic Egg can both advise on suitable usage for your business and implement the delivery.

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Website Production

Website production is the process of creating a website from initial concept to delivery, launch and beyond.  Many web designers will focus purely on what a website will look like without thinking about why it’s there or how it will work. As a website producer Synthetic Egg strongly believes that all websites must have clear purpose and objective, or they aren’t effective marketing tools.

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Web Design

Creative designs and user interfaces, tailored to your audience and objectives, which can make a difference. Designing well considered and great looking websites is one of my passions.

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Website Development

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JQuery, WordPress and PHP. Mobile first responsive templates, landing pages and complete websites. Once a site is designed it needs to be built and work wonderfully.

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WordPress CMS Websites

WordPress is an excellent tool to underpin a modern website. It provides content management functionality that is easy for clients to understand and use, and is flexible to design and develop for. Synthetic Egg produce and manage professional WordPress content-managed websites built with bespoke themes.

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Website Updating

It’s vital to keep your website looking good and up-to-date, both to support your brand and to stay ahead of your competition. Up-to-date content not only means that your website is giving your visitors what they need but also helps your sites Page Ranking with Google.

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Analytics, SEO & AdWords PPC

Analytics set up and review to help you understand how well your website is working for you, and help your audience to find it. Internal search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website, reviewing content, heading, links and structure. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns planned and run via Google AdWords.

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Social Media

Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many more… your audience is already talking about you, make sure you’re there to hear them. Synthetic Egg offers Social Media Account Setup, Branding, Social Campaigns & Account Management (including regular tweets/posts on your behalf).

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Email Marketing

Emails are a great way to get in closer contact with customers. They don’t rely on your customer remembering to visit your site, or on them seeing other advertisments. Email Marketing is cost-effective, immediate, relevant and measurable. Responsive (mobile friendly) emails and templates built. Full campaign planning, implementation and management available.

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Design for Print

Sometimes a piece of printed collateral is still the best solution for your audience!

Stationery, leafets, brochures, exhibitions etc. Printed collateral helps show potential customers that your company is legitimate, and with well thought through targeting and great design it will communicate your message to your target audience to help secure those all important sales.

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Other services and your next step

Synthetic Egg also offer services such as PowerPoint design and production, Interactive PDF design and production and much more.

If you don’t see what you need above then for a discussion around your project, or free estimate if you already have a brief, please get in touch.