Tony Briscoe: Email marketing


Client: Tony Briscoe (2011)

Details: As part of his marketing plan Tony had been sending out irregular emails containing images his latest work to his client base. He needed to take this to the next step so I set up an online email marketing system which allowed him to better manage this process. He can now send out consistently branded emails (using the email template also developed) containing a mix of text and photography which he can prepare and send via the online system. He also gets quality reporting (which he didn’t have before) to tell him who has opened the emails, who clicks his website links and, via integration with Google Analytics, what actions they perform once there. He can even schedule campaigns so that even if he’s busy in the studio his marketing carries on without him.

“John is a great guy to work with. He’s extremely efficient, creative and his personable nature means he has the skills required to explain the detail and technical aspects in a clear and structured way. I’ve had no hesitation in recommending him to others who in turn are delighted with the results he has produced.”
Tony Briscoe, Photographer

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