St Barnabas Hospice: Open to the public


Client: St Barnabas Hospice for Article10Design (2010/2011)

Details: St Barnabas Hospice were putting the finishing touches to their brand spanking new hopsice building when they approached Article1o to provide an online booking system to reward their donors with a guided tour of the premises. With multiple thousand people involved and very specific requirements regarding the bookings and the output of tour group data for the guides, a bespoke system made the most sense. I built this web application using Classic ASP and MS SQL server and it proved a massive success, with lots of additional tours being added to account for demand. The St Barnabas team have since said that without the system it would have been a logistical nightmare for them to manage.

“John always replies promptly to requests, is good at solving problems and coming up with solutions. He explains things clearly and completes work on time and within budget – a pleasure to work with!”
Janet Parsons, Communications Manager, St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House Hospices

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