MALP Tutors


Client: MALP Tutors (2017)

Details: MALP Tutors identified the difficulties and barriers that psychology students encounter during their A-level courses, and in response developed a modern-day platform where students, and teachers, could gain extra information and support to aide their progress and future endeavours. After recent growth they knew their website needed updating and a colleague recommended they contact Synthetic Egg.

On a limited budget we worked together to reorganise their content, bringing a new clarity to their offerings, and created a consistently branded fresh new website to promote their services. The site is content managed and easy for the team at MALP Tutors to update, it includes an online shop to help them sell their revision materials and take bookings for their courses. It also works well on mobile devices, which was key for the audience.

“Thanks again for all of your support and astounding work. You really listened to what I was looking for and I am very happy with the final result.”
Clint Confait, MALP Tutors



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