Chestnut Tree House Hospice: Chestnut’s Challenge


Client: Chestnut Tree House for Designation (2009)

Details: Designation had been working with St Barnabas and Chestnut Tree House Hospices for a number of years running their main websites. The team at Chestnut Tree House came up with a new campaign idea to help raise much needed funds with the help of children either in or connected to the hospice. These Challengers have set themselves the task of promoting the work of the hospice and they are an example to us all. The supporting website ( was put together to help the hospice gain new supporters willing to take the challenge and to allow existing supporters to leave messages of support for the children. I worked for the marketing team at Chestnut Tree House to produce, design and build this site and the supporting campaign site (Take The Challenge, Pass It On).

“John always replies promptly to requests, is good at solving problems and coming up with solutions. He explains things clearly and completes work on time and within budget – a pleasure to work with!”
Janet Parsons, Communications Manager, St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House Hospices

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