How do I work?

Good processes help, and the Synthetic Egg way is built from a mix of best practice and reality.


Synthetic Egg comes out of an agency background and has decades of experience. The world is always evolving and during that time we’ve all experienced numerous working practices, methodologies and processes. A mix of best practice and common sense, with a recognition of deadlines, has formed a process that can make everyone happy.

Synthetic Egg works as a remote/outsourced resource. Meetings are usually via Teams/Zoom/Slack, though if local then also happy to attend physical meetings where needed (travel costs may apply).

Whilst it can be great to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, it’s best to report directly to a single key decision maker. This ensures clear communication of ideas and requirements, with a lightweight document trail so everyone knows where they stand.

Project management and website development tend to follow a ‘Waterfall’ process structure as opposed to ‘Agile’ (unless the project requires this).

For clients on a restricted budget it’s possible to work with them to optimise the project to ensure best value-for-money. Where aspirations and budget allow, the project scope can be expanded to deliver more options, for example: multiple design concepts could be produced, with one chosen to be carried forward to the next stage.

Sample process

Below is a sample project process:

  1. Client brief or Consultancy
  2. Project specification and estimate
  3. Client approval and content delivery (where applicable)
  4. Initial design concept/s (look and feel)
  5. Client review and feedback
  6. Design development
  7. Client design sign off
  8. Implementation (web development / print artwork)
  9. Alpha delivery (web functionally mostly working for review / print artwork draft ready for final proof check)
  10. Client review and feedback
  11. Beta delivery (website fully complete pending approval to go live / print ready artwork)
  12. Final Sign-off/Launch/Delivery
  13. Optional review, management and ad-hoc support.

Service costs

Almost all Synthetic Egg services are carried out on a Time and Materials basis. Service costs are given as estimated budgets calculated on an hourly basis based on the effort expected for the understood project deliverables, and are sometimes shown as a range (above and below expectation) where variables may apply (in these cases I recommend that the higher figure be used for budgetary purposes). Where applicable I’ve budgeted for what in my experience is an average process, however for all deliverables further concept variants can be produced if desired and additional review and refinement stages added, and/or additional options/functionality/content added, though this will increase the budget accordingly. If the project takes less time than budgeted I’ll only invoice for the time used. As a project progresses should the understanding or scope of the deliverables change (maybe owing additional design stages or functionality, unforeseen complications or change requests) and it looks like taking longer than budgeted to complete the work then I’ll advise on additional effort and budget required for approval before continuing (note all existing effort is chargeable whether a project continues or not). If the project is delayed for any reason then I reserve the right to issue additional invoice/s as balancing payments of work completed to that point. No liability is accepted. Third party/extra costs (such as domain names, web hosting, email hosting, print, photography, illustration, diagrams, stock, fonts, copywriting, plugins, meetings, training, travel etc) are not included unless specifically stated in the proposal. Beta/Delivery sign-off is deemed complete acceptance of the project deliverables as supplied at that moment. Ad-hoc support (including amends, bug-fixing and change requests) is available on a T&M basis at my discretion. No support agreements exist unless otherwise specifically stated. Proposals/estimates assume non-urgent work and are valid for 7 days.