Who does Synthetic Egg work typically for?


Synthetic Egg works with clients of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors, both directly and indirectly (via marketing and design agencies). Basically anyone who wants creativity, knowledge and experience at a competitive price.

Corporates, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Funded Start-ups

Building your reputation is about more than just your brilliant products and services. Your brand and reputation are vital to your success.

Every touchpoint with your prospects and customers needs to re-inforce who you are as an organisation, build brand awareness and engage with your audience.

Synthetic Egg offers a range of services that help you succeed in your chosen field at whatever size you are. From brand building and digital marketing consultancy, to design and marketing services that bring your vision to life. If you want the complete package, or just one element, Synthetic Egg can help and would love to discuss your ideas.

Marketing & Design Agencies

Would you like to offer your clients more, or are you just on the look out for good quality experienced remote outsourcers?

A good business is always on the look out for ways to build on existing client relationships and often being able to offer a wider set of skills is all it needs. You can rarely afford to have full time staff sitting around waiting for a suitable project to appear, so looking to outsource work to is a great way to grow with minimum risk.

Synthetic Egg offers a wide range of services to agencies nationwide, and internationally, covering most aspects of digital marketing, design and web production, from consulting to concept to completion. Synthetic Egg can manage the mix of creativity and technology, and can successfully communicate with clients, creatives and developers.

Around 70% of the work Synthetic Egg does is via agencies. This work isn’t shown anywhere on this website (unless by prior approval) owing to NDAs. As such if you could benefit from being able to offer any of these services to your clients then please get in touch for a chat to fully understand capabilities.

Synthetic Egg has provided services for organisations such as:

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