Brand & Branding

Your brand, and it’s consistent application via branding, is a vital part in how your audience understands and interacts with your company.


Considered creation and correct application will mean that the user experience that people have when using your products or services will reinforce the brands values and help you have happy users and hopefully advocates.


A brand is not just a logo and some colours as some seem to think (though those elements are often at the forefront). It should be part of every decision made and every touchpoint (interaction) between your company and the audience.

If you are starting a new company, planning a campaign or launching a new product or service then I can help you with create a distinctive brand identity to help communicate your message and aide recall.

If you have an existing brand, then I can help communicate that your team with some brand guidelines, or can act as a brand guardian to assist you in policing correct and consistent brand usage.

Full Brand Process

A full brand process starts with a set of 3 workshops for 3-5 stakeholders over a period of time. It’s best to get everyone who has a voice in the vision of the brand/project involved if possible so all end up on the same page. The workshops are combined with research stages before (looking at, for instance, the market, the audience, your competitors and their branding/positioning) and development/summary stages after each, with analysis and conclusions drawn up at the end into a brand positioning document.

Lightweight Brand Process

Where there isn’t a budget/desire for a full brand process, then I can offer more lighterweight approaches. I can either deliver a reduced version of the full brand process, or, where appropriate, just supply a set of questions and tasks via email for the client to complete in their own time. It basically gets the client (and any chosen stakeholders) thinking about some pertinent questions which help position the brand but at more superficial level. On receipt of the completed information I’ll then analyse the responses, make some conclusions and write up the findings into an overview brand positioning document.


Logo/s, Corporate Identity & Brand Guidelines

The processes above help form the core of a brief for the creation of brand identity elements, such as logo/s, typography, tone-of-voice, colourways etc., which are drawn together, with the identified brand positioning, into a brand guidelines document (with the scope/size of this determined by the objectives/need of the client).

For clients who already have a brand firmly established/identified then I offer logo design and brand guidelines creation as seperate standalone services.

What next?

Please get in touch to discuss your Brand requirements in more detail.