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CultureMix Arts

New mobile responsive website design and production.


New landing page website to relaunch the company's brand.

Norwegian Log

8pp company profile brochure to bring together the classic and contemporary.

Synthetic Egg was named the
Recognised Leader for Web Design & Development Services, Berkshire
by CV Magazine: Marketing, PR & Design Awards 2018

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Did I mention that I like WordPress?

WordPress is an excellent tool to underpin a modern website.

It provides content management functionality that is easy for clients to understand and use, and is flexible to design and develop for.

It’s also great at SEO and has many third party plugins which extend it’s capabilities without the cost of needing to build that functionality from scratch.

WordPress Websites

Basic CMS Website

At the budget end you could use an existing base theme, which can be quick to get up-and-running.

However, such websites aren’t unique to a client and can be quite restrictive, so are only suitable for budget level marketing sites and blogs.

If you want to be seen as a professional organisation, and want to ensure the best user experience for you audience, then it’s often better to avoid this approach.

Professional CMS Website

If you want a website specifically branded for your organisation, which is designed for and tailored to your exact requirements, and those of your audience, then this is the approach to take... which is why I recommend it.

Using a bespoke theme like this gives the most professional solution which meets a client’s audience and objectives perfectly.

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Responsive website

Responsive design:

Making your website look great on a range of devices.

It’s vital that your website looks and works great on all kinds of different devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops and even watches!

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then Google and other search engines just won’t give you as much love as you deserve.

As an experienced web designer and web developer, I understand how to deliver the right user experience for your audience, how to plan and design with the appropriate devices in mind, and how to develop mobile-first responsive websites.

Responsive Websites


Time for a few samples of projects I’ve been involved with.

(I can’t unfortunately show you all I might like to, as I value NDAs)

Springwood Ceremonies: Helping you say it from the heart

Springwood Ceremonies create bespoke weddings, baby namings/welcomings, or funeral ceremonies, tailoring each ceremony according to the wishes of those involved so that they come truly from the heart. As a new start-up they needed a competitive package of identity and marketing materials to help launch and establish their brand, and loved the fact that Synthetic Egg could offer everything they needed in one place.

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CultureMix Arts Evolution

CultureMix encourage engagement in carnival arts and music through experiences, education, professional development and employment. They also incorporate RASPO, the Reading All Steel Percussion Orchestra. I worked with them rationalise and give clarity to their offerings on, and update the CMS behind, their content rich website. I also gave it a modern new look and feel and added a shop.

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MALP Tutors Website

MALP Tutors helps psychology students and teachers gain extra information and support to aide their progress and future endeavours. Synthetic Egg helped them bring new clarity to their offerings, and created a consistently branded fresh new website to promote their services and sell their courses and revision materials.

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5 top tips for B2B marketers using Twitter

The use of Twitter as a B2B marketing tool is still evolving and new ways of using the platform are emerging regularly. For now here are a set of 5 top tips to help you get started with your B2B Twitter channel. 1. Follow industry leaders You need to keep your finger on the pulse…

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4 Top WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress has great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and your site will be on it’s way up the rankings.

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