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Sarah Britten-Jones: Appropriation

Sarah Britten-Jones is a British visual artist with a background in ceramics. Some of her work involves the process of appropriation, where something is taken and changed very slightly in order to create a new piece with new meanings, so her website has been designed to look similar to the website of a large well-known global furniture store. The site is built in WordPress and acts as Sarah’s portfolio and her blog.

Anthony Briscoe: Capturing special days

Anthony is a gifted wedding photographer specialising in reportage style images as well as the more traditional formal wedding images found in most couples albums. His focus is the Herfordshire and London catchments (and surrounding area) but he works across the country when the right projects come along. He needed a clean understated website to showcase his work, with smooth image slideshow and gallery (built with XML and JQuery).

Designation: Touchpoint

Touchpoint is the appropriate name for communication from Designation, focussed on the monthly e-shot supported by a blog where subscribers can post their feedback. The e-shot is on edition 25 as I write this, meaning it’s been going out on time every month for over 2 years, which is a remarkable achievement for a company this size.

Verasseti: A solution provider with integrity

When Dreamspace wanted to evolve they came to Designation having worked successfully together in the past. I ran the brand consultancy phase including workshops with the client. This phase following the Designation brand process to research and define a new brand based on the big idea that was identified to match the new direction the company was going in.

MyRetailTherapist: A shopaholics heroin

The shopaholics at MyRetailTherapist needed a CMS website that would support their addition. As well as having a blog, news diary (linked into NewsNow), a directory of favourite stores and a feature to allow people to pick their shopping brains, the site has a poll and online advertising functionality. Basically it’s an integrated tool also used to support digital marketing channels such as Twitter.

Atkins Management Consultancy: Clever suits

When a client (Mantix) was taken over by the huge entity that is Atkins (becoming their Management Consultancy division) I was lucky enough to be able to continue on the account managing their website. I’ve been involved with their site over ten years now and I recently (Sept 09) made the 4th evolution of their website live. This new site incorporates numerous MooTools scripts to add dynamism to their content.

University of Reading: Taking a Quantum Jump

Reading Uni knew that there was a real lack of secondary school teachers in certain subjects. To tackle this they set up some new Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses aimed at fast tracking new recruits onto the Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses needed to become a qualified teacher.

Sarah Graham: Darling of the art world

Sarah Graham is one of the up-and-coming darlings of the art world. Her paintings are fun and engaging so the website had to follow suit. The homepage is clean and simple with lots of interaction (using the MooTools framework) with colourful thumbnails showing off her work. The site is content managed (CMS) so Sarah can keep her fans up-to-date with all her latest news.

CTH: Take the challenge, Pass it on

This is a campaign microsite to support the Chestnut’s Challenge which aims to raise awareness and support for the Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice in Sussex, led by some great kids within or connected to the hospice itself.

Nationwide People: Online recruitment

I’ve worked with the team at Nationwide People for over 10 years producing and supporting their public website and private intranet applications for their recruitment services. The public site is on its 3rd evolution, and the ASP and SQL Server based intranet is still going strong and meeting their bespoke needs.

Kyocera Greenlight: Promoting environmentally responsible business

As part of Kyocera’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission GreenLight is a hub for information and interaction on the topic of business and climate change. If you’ve got an opinion, an insight, or need inspiration then it’s the place to go.

Reflexxion: Exciting people

Reflexxion was founded with a desire to deliver world class standards in People Development across the Retail sector (i.e. they train retail staff to ensure they live up to their clients brand promises). The Reflexxion brand was developed by Designation to reinforce the companies desires and the website continues in that vein offering a smart professional appearence with that little bit of fizz that the Reflexxion directors both appreciate. My main involvement was guiding the design and developing the website.