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Night to Remember 2012

The Night to Remember midnights walks have helped raise nearly £1 million for the hospices over the last few years. For 2012 the decision was made to upgrade the CMS system managing the website/s. I produced the new sites and set up the functionality so that event registrations have PayPal integration (with Instant Payment Notification to reduce administration time) and offer registrants the options of automatically creating a JustGiving fundraising page (which was achieved via the new JustGiving API). There is also Facebook and Twitter connectivity.

ITF: logo and event websites

The previous ITF event websites were mis-matched and didn’t offer the brand continuity or functionality needed by the organisations. Working through Andrew Whiteman of Open Globe Marketing I evolved the logo so each organisation had a clear but connected identity, and designed and developed 2 new websites in WordPress CMS which allowed them full control over their content. They can now easily upload and manage their own event listings (with location map and EventBrite connectivity) which get ordered and listed automatically to keep the homepage and event list up-to-date.

IDASS: Health related fitness

IDASS care about helping people get fit for life. It’s about healthy eating and targeted exercise. The main IDASS website promotes their range of health and fitness related products, but they also have a WordPress blog where industry experts chip in with tips for a healthier life. The existing blog was supposed to mirror the look and feel of the main site, but it was falling short in a number of areas. IDASS needed a quick solution and turned to me to optimise their WordPress installation for their needs and add a few extras such as image slider and social networking links. I also added plugins to help manage their site for areas such as SEO and database backups.

Ellingham Darcy: Recruitment

Ellingham Darcy is a recruitment consultancy working in niche areas within the media industry. Having recently rebranded they needed a new content managed website to communicate with their audience (both clients and candidates). WordPress was the perfect solution, and utilising a core Theme they already owned I developed this website to fit their requirements of incorporate vacancy listings as well blog posting, along with core company details and their latest twitter feed (as social media is a key tool for the company).

Abbotsley Country Homes

Abbotsley Country Homes: Cambridgeshire retreat

Abbotsley Country Homes is an exclusive development in 6 acres of delightful Cambridgeshire countryside with 20 plots all destined for lovely wooden lodges. Having worked with me previously through Designation when I built the original website, the team were keen to work with me again to update the site ready for Phase 2 of their plot release.

St Barnabas Hospice: Open to the public

St Barnabas Hospice were putting the finishing touches to their brand spanking new hopsice building when they approached Article1o to provide an online booking system to reward their donors with a guided tour of the premises. With multiple thousand people involved and very specific requirements regarding the bookings and the output of tour group data for the guides, a bespoke system made the most sense.

Architectural FX: Seeing the light

Architectural FX design innovative and creative LED based lighting solutions. They approached me to update their website to include 2011 products and revised information, as well as to start to address some little annoyances in the Joomla CMS system. I provided them with a mix of web editing (content updating) and development (where changes were needed in the Joomla templates).

Clare Greenstreet: Styling food

Clare is a food guru who, when she isn’t coming up with new recipes or styling food for the top food photographers, can be found supporting a wide range of well known celebrity foodies on TV and Radio with presentations and demonstrations.

DAV Management: Leading the way

DAV is an independent project and programme management company. In late 2010 DAV decided the time was right for a new skin for their Eddie CMS website, as well as a new WordPress blog, as part of a rationisation exercise to help communicate their competitive advantages.

Blue Tomato: Serving London’s foodies

Blue Tomato is indeed emerging as the premier restaurant and food magazine for the capital. With inspiring articles, the latest news and key events for the foodie in us all. Built using WordPress 3.0 at the moment of it’s release the site proves how far the ex-blogging platform has come to now be a serious player in the CMS arena.

Claudia Riccio: Advertising photographer

Claudia is a creative commercial photographer with over 10 years experience working with a wide range of clients. She needed a website portfolio to fit her brand and distinct preferences. I created a clean, easy to use portfolio site that fitted her requirements perfectly.

ControlCircle: Max2Go

Client: ControlCircle for Article10 (2010) Details: This project was for a microsite for ControlCircle to promote their Max2Go mobile app to control remote hosting server. The site focused on a signup form (with reCaptcha) which sent a text via an SMS gateway to the user to allow them to download the device specific trial version of the app.